If you are like me, you are figuring out how to send your kids to college, manage your parents healthcare costs and needs as they age, and navigating a career and your own financial planning in the middle of it all.  The “Sandwich Generation” (Gen X currently) is caring for both their dependent children and aging parents who are still living.  Whether you are planning for your retirement, looking at education scholarships and loans for your kids, or investigating long term care for your parents, you will find thoughtful, unbiased information posted regularly.

After working as a Senior Financial Advisor/Executive Vice President for Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, Investor Sage is an unbiased financial planning resource, with a special focus on issues of sustainability, consumer rights, women’s financial literacy, family financial literacy and financial education in socio-economically disadvantaged communities.  Both a Blog and a Book, Investor Sage offers contemporary financial content and opinion, as well as access to a comprehensive financial guide written specifically for women available for download.

Investor Sage is at it’s core a progressive financial planning blog, edited and maintained by Carrie Riley, MBA, a former corporate senior financial advisor.  Financial experts in the field of sustainable investing, consumer protection and financial services accountability are invited to join in the conversation on various topics.

All basic tenets of financial planning and literacy are discussed in an objective and fact-checked manner.  You will find detailed information on Retirement Planning, College Saving, Socially Responsible Investing, Real Estate Investing, Life Insurance, Real Estate & Home Financing, and many more components of every robust financial plan.  Links to reputable sources and government agencies where applicable are included in each section.