I am sooooo excited about Impact Investing with Swell! 

How often do we find an investment that is actually DOING GOOD FOR THE PLANET while also having AMAZING RETURNS?  I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I can tell you it is not often at all.  Too often, Socially Responsible Mutual Funds have had anemic track records, and investors have resigned themselves to lower returns in exchange for feeling their investments are aligned with their values.  No longer!  Impact Investing has arrived, and it’s changing everything.

“Impact Investing” is an investment strategy within the Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) space.  Yet unlike traditional SRI, which seeks to invest in a way that “does no harm”, Impact Investing goes one step farther and is proactive.  With Impact Investing, you invest towards a specific goal; disease eradication is one example. I’ve been using Swell Investing, Invest in progress. Get started today.
Swell is a boutique investing firm that allows you to choose from five major categories of:

    • Disease Eradication
    • Healthy Living
    • Clean Water
    • Zero Waste
    • Renewable Energy
    • Green Tech

You can divide your investment dollars between these five categories in any distribution you choose.  After evaluating the portfolio, goals and returns of each “impact goal”, you may decide to invest 100% in one, or spread your money equally among all five.

What is making me so happy about this is the returns!  Here are the current returns of each portfolio category, as compared to the Russell 3000 Index:


Russell 3000 Index YTD Return:          15.24%

Disease Eradication:                             18.12%

Healthy Living:                                         4.81%

Clean Water:                                            21.05%

Zero Waste:                                              17.58%

Renewable Energy:                                 19.74%

Green Tech:                                              31.99%

How awesome is that?  Only “Healthy Living” is lagging the stock market as a whole.  The others are surpassing it, some of which greatly!  So, how does it work?  Take “Green Tech” for example, with an enviable return of nearly 32% YTD.  This portfolio is comprised of major players in the space, including Tesla, AutoDesk, Johnson Controls and others.  “Clean Water”, with returns in excess of 21% this year, invest in companies that are focused on water purification, water distribution, smart water meters for remote locations, etc.  The companies are selected based on their corporate objectives, and then “reverse screened” for being good corporate citizens.  <a href=”http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-8419079-12967131″ target=”_top”>
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The Russell 3000 Index is a wide stock index, which includes publicly traded companies across every economic sector, including small cap, medium cap and large companies in each sector as well.  In my opinion, the Russell 3000 Index is the best tool to assess the overall growth of the stock market.  You likely usually hear about the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but few people know that the Dow is comprised of only thirty companies.  These companies are the largest publicly traded companies in each economic sector.  The YTD return of the Down Jones Industrial Index is 10.35%.  For a full list of the companies that comprise the Dow, click here: https://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/05/18/the-30-dow-jones-stocks.aspx

In all the years I worked a Licensed Financial Advisor, I have never felt so good about an investment opportunity!  There are a few major players in the Impact Investing space, leading the pack is Swell Investing and Motif Investing.  With both, you can create your own portfolio based on your individual values.  The portfolios objectives are always addressing either an environmental or social problem.  Every company chosen for inclusion in the portfolio is profitable, and actively engaged in solving that problem.

It gives me hope when I see ideas like this flourishing.  Like me, so many people are feeling so dismayed at the impact of global warming, public health issues, clean water availability and renewable energy.  Impact Investing allows us to genuinely contribute towards making a difference with these issues, while providing a very healthy return at the same time.

Review each portfolio extensively, and be sure to check out the Fact Sheet.  Get familiar with the major players in each space, the portfolio managers, the rate of return vs. the level of risk, etc.  As with any equity investment, there’s absolutely no guarantee you won’t lose money.  That being said, so far this exciting new type of investment vehicle has surpassed most analyst’s expectations.

It’s really easy to get started. Create an account on Swell, and create your portfolio.

Care about creating a greener world? Now invest in it.

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